Love Your Lawn

This weekend saw some lovely weather – a gentle rain, followed by sun!  These are the key ingredients to your growing lawn.  However, to keep your lawn looking its best, it is necessary to keep it trimmed.  Weekly mowing not only eliminates weeds, it further spreads the naturally growing grass seeds, which encourages your lawn to grow into a thick, lush carpet.  Additional lawn maintenance, such as weed-eating and edging, creates an appealing appearance, increasing the value of your home.

Huntington Lawn Care prides itself on our service.  We care about more than just your lawn!  We understand that lawn maintenance is more than just mowing.  Included in our weekly service is weed-eating and edging to ensure your lawn looks its best  Each week your lawn will present a well-manicured appearance, making your home the envy of the neighborhood!  When your friends and neighbors ask you how you keep your lawn looking so amazing, just tell them Huntington Lawn Care!

Not a customer yet?  Huntington Lawn Care is offering a 20% discount for the first month of weekly lawn service until March 31, 2017 for new customers!  Call 352-569-4582 to schedule your FREE estimate!

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