To Cut – or Not to Cut Your Trees

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem.  They provide shade, shelter for birds and small animals, and they convert our carbon dioxide to oxygen!  Without trees, our soil would blow away, our land would be less beautiful, and our air would be less full of that life-sustaining gas!  But when and why should you cut your trees?

Trees, like all vegetation, require maintenance.  Have you newly planted a tree?  It requires sun, fertilizer, and, most importantly, water.  However, you CAN over-water a tree!  According to, a newly planted tree should be watered once a day for the first two weeks, then once a week for the next year.

You may have majestic oaks or elms in your yard.  Low hanging branches, and any branches that may interfere with power lines should be trimmed annually.  Dead limbs should be trimmed immediately to prevent them from breaking during a storm or high wind gusts and causing property damage.  Tree limbs that lay on a roof, or have small branches with lots of leaves that hang over the roof can cause water damage by keeping moisture on your shingles.  Have these trimmed as often as necessary, usually once a year.

Palm trees are a staple of Florida living.  A properly pruned palm tree looks like a tall trunk wearing a crown of green fronds.  Selective pruning ensures the upward growth of the tree and encourages height.  Any dead fronds should be removed as soon as possible to keep your palm tree looking its best.  However, beware of the thorns!  They are long, sharp, and extremely painful!

Before hurricane season begins, take a good look at your trees.  Are they in need of trimming and pruning?  If so, call Huntington Lawn Care at 352-569-4582 to schedule your FREE estimate.  Just one more way we prove that We Care About More than Just Your Lawn!


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