Your Hedge – Your Home

There are many different ways to add value to your home.  You can paint it, put siding on it, install a low or no maintenance roof, and/or add landscaping.

Would you like a visual barrier that won’t become an eyesore?  Instead of installing a fence, have hedges planted every 18 inches to 2 feet apart along your property line.  Proper planting allows the hedge enough light and water without over-crowding.  A well planned hedge will eventually intertwine with the other plants, creating a wall of green that provides privacy and enhances the beauty of your lawn.

Interested in creating a hedge wall?  Call Huntington Lawn Care at 352-569-4582 or email us at to receive a FREE estimate.  We can help you decide on the most effective and attractive hedge, plant them, and maintain them.  Remember, we care about more than just your lawn!  Call today!

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