Your Home, Your Castle

Your home is your castle.  It is a reflection of you and your particular tastes.  Even though many homes are now built in cookie-cutter fashion, each home is unique, both inside and out.  While one person may favor a southwestern flair in their home, another may prefer antiques.  The same goes for outside.  One family may prefer space to entertain, while others want the privacy to enjoy their outdoor sanctuary all to themselves.

Just as each home is unique, so are the yards and landscaping.  One person may prefer a more “natural” look that requires little  to no maintenance, while another may enjoy actively gardening, caring for their flowers and shrubs.

The landscaping around your home not only provides a pleasing atmosphere for you and your family, it also can increase or decrease the value of your home!

Are you looking to update and upgrade your landscaping?  Perhaps you want to change from mulched flower beds to rock.  Tired of your existing color scheme and plant choices?  You may want to exchange annuals for perennials, or create a garden that will bloom continuously.  Love to watch hummingbirds and butterflies?  There are many plants that attract these beautiful visitors.

Call Huntington Lawn Care today to schedule your FREE landscaping estimate!  Whether it is creating a whole new garden or updating your existing flower beds, Hunting Lawn Care can help!  Call 352-569-5209 or email jhuntingtonlawncare@gmail today and let us prove that we care about more than just your lawn!


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