Natural Pest Control

One of the facts of living in Florida is that we have to deal with bugs, especially mosquitoes.  Pesticides have limited effect, and no one wants to spray on bug spray every time they step outside.  Did you know that there are six different beautiful plants that repel mosquitoes, and enhance your home?

According to Angie’s List the following six plants repel mosquitoes:

  • Marigolds (also good for other pest control, like aphids, rabbits, and nematodes)
  • Citronella (commonly used in insect repellents)
  • Catnip (repels mosquitoes, but attracts the cats!)
  • Lavender (repels mosquitoes AND gnats!  The dried flowers will also repel moths in your wardrobe!)
  • Basil (great to keep the mosquitoes away, and you can cook with it too!)
  • Lemon Balm (or horsemint) keeps the mosquitoes away, but will attract butterflies and bees to continue pollination!

Interested in making your outdoor space insect-free?  Contact Huntington Lawn Care today to schedule your FREE Landscaping consultation!  At Huntington Lawn Care, we care about more than just your lawn!


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